Lighting design

Photometrics lighting curves: EulumDat

The creative process of lighting design requires detailed information. LUXLIGHT offer a plethora of different data records for light calculation and simulation, plus images and texts about our products for downloading.

Professional lighting design for energy-efficient LED lighting concepts

Lighting should be planned so as to ensure the highest quality of light at maximum energy efficiency and to take account of relevant lighting norms and values. A lighting design requires significant expertise, therefore we offer our customers a special service with professional lighting design by DIALux lighting design software. This form of visualization allows us to show customers in advance how a room can be illuminated with different lighting systems and lighting effects.

This is how our staff designs and plan customized and standard-compliant lighting concepts for all types of buildings. For the lighting design , they always pay attention to the inclusion of natural daylight through the use of daylight-controlled lighting. An infinitely adjustable electronic dimmer with the help of light sensors and presence detectors clearly reduces energy consumption and at the same time increases the quality of light for an optimal indoor climate. Furthermore, in the planning, consideration is given to high-quality reflectors that optimize the lighting control, array LEDs that achieve a high light yield and electronic operating equipment thatoperates economically.